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what causes fraud? August 12, 2010

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what is fraud and what factors force it to happen?
well, u need to work hard and harder, and learn to be truly investigators for couples of years to fully understand what causes fraud and how to control it logically.
and here are some critical points which best describes the factors causes fraud, according to my senior.. (and i strongly agree with it)..
1. Manning
The need of manning in a company should be fulfilled accordingly to the work-load.. otherwise,, existing employees will be added by lots of new job desk, which in the end makes them feel exhausted, not focus, and at the same time, there will be some controls neglected as the result of multitasking per employee.

2. Carrier Path
I have to admit, and you’re all too.. that there’s always a gap between clerk and officer and higher level of management — in terms of carrier path. Some factors sometimes be ignored in determining people’s position in one organization.. a.k.a. “subjective”..

3. Salary
still, economy factor is the main factors for most crimes on earth.. and thus it should be the major consideration for those who sit in higher level position in determining employee’s salary sooo wisely.. see government’s rule, and benchmarking to successful company must be taken. “we are working 8 hours a day, then pay us for this, and allow us to go home peacefully after 8hours. otherwise, give some “worthed” incentives for that extra hours”.. –thats the most common mumbling between employees.. >.<

4. Target
Sometimes employees need some appreciation for target achieved.. or at least just a smile and words of "thank you" for them.. but sometimes some bosses just ignore that simple thing.. the worse thing, they are often simply added employee's target which in the end resulting in employee's frustating toward targets and targets..

5. wrong-Leadership
in my opinion,, good leadership should delivered value of TRUST, REALIBILITY, CONSISTENCY, COMFORTABLE, SECURE.. and LISTENING to each other..

what more can i say?
God Speed


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